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  • Beowulf

    A fat, dreamy child, disappointing to his famous berserker father, Berki is given the mocking name "Beowulf" by his fellow youths. View/Buy

  • Maeves Raid

    Join Stephan Grundy as he weaves this intriguing historical fiction set in the Ulster Cycle. Maeve’s Raid follows the story of Queen Maeve of Connacht as she fights to save her title as Queen.View/Buy

  • Pagan Child

    Pagan Child is a fiction novel set in the 14th Century. The book is the story of Christian Christiansonn, a Danish nobleman, who brings Ulf, his son, home to Denmark. View/Buy

  • Embracing Heathenry

    Embracing Heathenry is a book about one woman's transition and exploration of the heathen religion.View/Buy

  • The Story of Arbux

    The Story Of Arbux is an adventurous retelling of tales from the author’s grandfather. View/Buy

  • Egric

    When the people living under the protection of Lord Baldfirth, and Father Oshart are threatened by a most ancient evil, it is only a forest lad called Egric who can save them.View/Buy

  • Bayou Terror

    There's a strange sensation in 1969 Bardsville, Louisianna. Find out what lurks in the Bayou, if you dare.View/Buy

  • These Chains

    The story of a man, in his own words, who over comes male childhood sexual assault.View/Buy

  • Junked

    When James comes home to Mama and Little Sister so he can detox from a crack-cocain addiction he gets way more than he bargained for. View/Buy

  • The Happy Barn Cat

    The Happy Barn Cat is a complete guide to raising healthy working cats.View/Buy

  • Immortal Chronicles: Night & Day (Book One)

    To stop the evil one, they must work together to find the key. Can the agents of IA and the Immortals tolerate each other long enough to do that?View/Buy

  • Forlorn Hope

    16th Century Europe is filled with elves, dwarves and others unfold in the steampunk landscape of Forlorn Hope. Join Wolfram, as he discovers his heritage and fights to clear his name.View/Buy

  • The Underground

    When the most wanted man, Dionysuys is lured into Cynthia's small town of Syon she finds herself swept up into his dangerously exciting world. Cynthia begins a new life in the "underground city" where a nest of criminals, spurned by the rest of the world reside.View/Buy

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