About Us


The Three Little Sisters Publishing, is focused on the mission of making books that showcase voices that would be otherwise ignored by mainstream publishers. Our mission is to make quality publications for readers of all ages. We apply our background in law, publishing, editing and more to give a wholistic approach to publishing.


We take manuscripts from their humble beginnings and launch them into a fully formed book. We are not a vanity press, there are no fees to submitting your book, nor are any fees charged for our services. We run our company just like the big publishing houses do, however we focus on providing each author with the care and attention that they deserve. We pride ourselves on having an open and transparent method in all of our dealings. 



We are an independent inclusive mission driven press. What does that mean? It means that we treat each book as important, and each author as a partner in our little house. We focus on the detailed aspects of publishing such as the style, format and font, creating eye catching titles for readers of all ages. We work on a cycle of release, in which new titles are time released along with existing back titles in a cycle that provides everyone with seamless production.


To provide quality books that inspire, create and educate. We focus on inclusion, lgtbq+ and titles that showcase hidden and often silenced minorities. We welcome both newcomers and seasoned authors. Our goal is to give our authors a company that they can be proud of, and one that focuses on providing readers with something unique. We combine both digital and hand made illustrations in our kids line to give books that little bit extra.


We provide the full range of services that you would expect at any publishing house, provided by a close-knit team that is dedicated to your success. Our difference is that our team works with our authors to ensure their project meets their desires and dreams with our standards and requirements. We don’t require authors to have an agent or to have a large stack of manuscripts to submit, you can be either new to the market or a seasoned author who wants to experience the gold standard of care by a publisher with heart.


Our staff comes from all walks of life. They are here because they want to work with a company that focuses on independent voices and supports community writers. Most of our illustrators come here for internship that helps foster portfolio building and give them a place to showcase their art and find permanent positions in the creative market.


Artboard 3370

Our main logo for all Three Little Sisters books. Lighthouses symbolize the way forward and help in navigating our way through rough waters, we know how publishing can be, and how frustrating it is to navigate these waters, TLS strives to ease this struggle, by shining our welcoming and warm light on all who need to find a safe and solid shore.

finditEnsuring you have a legitimate TLS copy, ensures that authors get paid! We are always happy when someone supports us by buying a copy from our vendors, some of our authors have come here from publishers with less than transparent practices. To ensure you’re getting a legitimate copy, here are some telltale signs that it is one of our publications!

Does the book have our logo?

Our logo is displayed prominatly on all books. You will find it on either: the back cover, spine, interior at the front and end of most books. The lighthouse with our company name in short form TLS is shown under the lighthouse. The logo is generaly black on light colored covers and gold on dark colored covers as featured below. Interior logo is always black.

Our official company colors are black, raspberry and yellow. Hex: #000000, #f9008d, #FFF78F

Artboard 3370

Does the copyright page contain?

We always have a copyright page inserted in all publications. The copyright page, which always appears directly after the interior title page will have the © symbol with our company name typed as follows: © The Three Little Sisters, © The Three Little Sisters LLC,© The Three Little Sisters Publishing, © TLS.

Our company name may be variated depending on a number of factors but all names are owned solely by TLS and all are legitimate uses. If the © is there, then you have found a legitimate copy.

Is the title listed with TLS?

All titles that are procured by TLS are listed on our Acquisition page. IF the title/author is not listed, then it is likely not one of ours, however, if you would like to confirm a title as one of ours, please inquire via our Contact Us form and we will provide you with a reply.