This page has a current list of all acquired titles that are currently in production or have confirmed contracts to be produced by The Three Little Sisters LLC.


Paper cut of children read a book

Stephan Grundy: Attilas Treasure, Rhinegold, Gilgamesh [Co-Authored with Melodi Grundy], Falcon Trilogy [Co-Authored with Melodi Grundy], Forlorn Hope, Valkyrie

Melodi Grundy: Gilgamesh [Co-Authored with Stephan Grundy], Priestess of Atlantis, Woman At The Loom, Falcon Trilogy [Co-Authored with Stephan Grundy]

Maria Kvilhaug: Blade Horner, Books 1-4

Jean Swart: Earth, The Last Colony

Rori Schumacher: The Underground

Samantha Nocrea: Camp Hollywood, Hellscape, Blue Blood Moon

Karoline Fritz: The Victorian

Tabitha Todd: These Chains [Co-Author with Todd Evans], Junked, Fallen, Soul Series

Todd Evans: Immortal Chronicles [Co-Author with Tabitha Todd],  Fallen [Co-Author with Tabitha Todd]

Jackie Poirier: Dark Horse


Paper cut of children play on old book

Maria Kvilhaug: Seeds of Yggdrasil

Stephan Grundy [Kveldulf Gundarsson]: Stones & Amulets


Paper cut of children read a book under tree of bulb

Warwick Hill: Bogger The Troll

Roy Worrall: Life’s Fortune

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