ACTION Newsletter Interview with L. Hunter

You know when I started on this road to write this, I had no idea how it would be received out there! I just received the first written review about the book and it was very positive! I would say that it is very surreal for me to see my name and book out there and being reviewed, and I really appreciate those that are taking the time to read it!

This review was written by Christopher Blackwell whom interviewed me on Page 6 of ACTION newsletters Imbolc Issue. The review appeared in the Beltane 2011 newsletter on page 28! I really appreciate Christopher’s review of the book and thank him very much for the kind review!

Larisa Hunter


Hi! I am Larisa. I am the President of The Three Little Sisters Publishing (LLC). I am both a self published and traditionally published author, as well as a multimedia artist. I have a background in law, social advocacy and have a certificate in General Arts and Science from Sheridan College. What do I do at Three Little Sisters? I create layouts, help with covers, create all marketing materials, fight for rights reversions, as well as a number of other tasks that keep my desk rather full and my days rather long, but since this is not just a business for me but a passion, it barley feels like work. If you want to know more about me, or our mightily little company, feel free to find me haunting social media.


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President of TLS, writer, mother, and wife. I love all things art all my life. When I am not busy writing or publishing, I really enjoy baking and cooking. My hobbies include gaming, crafting, and painting.