How Brainwashing Affected My World View

I am pretty sure, that I am not alone in my connection to the ‘church’. I grew up a JW {Jehovah’s Witness} and it affected me deeply, the one thing that affected me the most and still does was the book Revelation, It’s Climax at Hand. For those who don’t know this book, I will save you the trouble. Its the typical God wins, Satan Looses narrative with you know the typical world destroying itself via a mix of human interventions and God just being done with the place. It mirrors and reflects the same views as most Christians have the End of Days but not nearly as funny as the movie with Schwarzenegger or Good Omens.

Climate Change & Writing

Before we begin, I will say right now, that I 100% believe in climate change. If you don’t believe in it, well that isn’t going to stop it happening. That said, I don’t really need to engage with conspiracies about how the planet is fine. If you go outside right now, a few miles from me, the world is on fire. Fires have increased in this area over the last few years as the weather get’s hotter and the rain is not coming. It’s easy to imagine that this world that is coming for us, is going to come with a lot of changes that are going to be extremely difficult to cope with.