Review of To Drink Coffee With A Ghost by Amanda Lovelace

Here in the USA, it’s almost impossible for you to go into a Target without walking out with things that you did not have on your list. They have a small book section at most of the stores. As I was wandering around with my daughter who MUST visit all book sections of any store we go to, which is where I found this book of poetry. I opened it, read one poem and placed it in my cart.

In Wonderland

This is not about Alice, this is about how my imagination takes flight in my writing. I view myself as a somewhat chaotic/creative in that I can live in a chaotic environment, with external/internal stimuli, and work efficiently. I have always been an imagination [is that a word?], from the time I was small, it was the thing I used to live in a world that was better than my reality.

On The Couch-With Larisa

While writing with my partners [Sarah & Sheal] the awareness of what our ‘style’ is, came into full view. I have determined [and I am not saying this with ego] am better at narrative writing than I am at dialogue writing. It was during a discussion with Sheal, that a lightbulb went off for us to write posts about the aspect or ‘style’ that a writer takes on. Writers sometimes struggle with what style to write in, what method to use, that sometimes we get in our heads and shut down instead of creating.