Warwick Hill Jnr


A writer with a very varied background. Eldest son, and third child in a family  of eight children. He was born in far North Queensland, Australia, in the historical gold-mining town of  Charters Towers. As a child he traveled extensively across Australia, having three sisters born in its  western most state, and the remainder born up and down his home state of Queensland. In fact he attended over 24 schools in his childhood, and crossed the country from east coast to west  and back, so many times as a child he gave up counting. As an adult he worked in the mining industry,  the Public Service and in Private Enterprise. He refuses to admit to any Tertiary Education, but is a  qualified Nursery Industry worker, with over twenty years behind him. Warwick is proud to make it  clear to both his readers and his critics, that he follows the old Scandinavian Pre-Christian beliefs,  happily referring to his chosen faith as ‘Fjorn Sid’ or the ‘Old Path’ and having found his teachers and  mentors as a sixteen year old, Warwick has never looked back. Over many years, Warwick has also been an avid Dark-Age and Medieval Re-enactor. Loving both the  period we now call the ‘Viking Period’ and the High Medieval period of the Fourteenth Century. Having a  particular love of Denmark, her king of the period Valdemar IV Attadage, his children, and the people,  faiths and history of both Lithuania, and Norway. Warwick currently works within the pro-environmental industry, in his home community of Caboolture, Queensland Australia. His life is guided by his faith, and his great loves, his friends, and his love of Honey Mead. A mead he makes according to his secret recipe. Now using his love of language, history and his faith, Warwick has taken to a ‘Sea Change’ in his career path, and has written several novels. All reflect his love of history, his faith, and a desire to entertain his readers in manner that may shock many. Believing history is now bound by the Omni presence of the Victorian, Judo-Christian values, it is his desire, no his wish to bring a more honest, more brutal reality to the reader.

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