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Poe, graciously posted with permission from Sandra Vargas. Check out her Etsy shop here

“Most writers – poets in especial – prefer having it understood that they compose by a species of fine frenzy – an ecstatic intuition – and would positively shudder at letting the public take a peep behind the scenes.”
Edgar Allan Poe

Preview to The Fallen

Prologue An Accident Waiting To Happen Shreveport was balmy and wet in the Spring time, it always soaked you to Read more…


Let’s Talk Shop

Let's talk about Silent Invasion. Yesterday you saw the very first installment of the serial chapter novel. Some of you Read more…


Story Time

Special FeatureShorts From The Vault : Silent Invasion A Serial Chapter Novel Silent Invasion Prologue: The Invasion   Gus grunted Read more…

On Writing Erotica : Part Three

So you have the rule, you have the words, let’s talk biological psychology for both men and women. It’s different for men and women but it does have cross over for both genders. There is a general psychological “normal” associated with both male and female readers. Then you have the general psychology of transgender, gay, lesbian but let’s start with your generic male and female because that’s the biggest niche of the market for erotica writing (it shouldn’t be but it is, although gay and lesbian erotica is on the rise, so is trans erotica and about damn time it is).


On Writing Erotica : Part Two

Writing Erotica Part Two: The Words New to writing erotica? Don't know where to start? Think "love pole" is too Read more…


Newsletter Is No More

Newsletter will be closed as of July 9th, 2019.


On Writing Erotica : Part One

PART ONE: WHAT ARE THE RULES OF EROTICA WRITING A lot of people read the word "Erotica" and think pervert Read more…


The Curtains Moved….

Ah, the Harlequin romance. I have serious memories of these dime store bins at every grocery store with of course the huge broody man with the open shirt on the cover. I recall that these were always viewed as somewhat ‘staged porn’ in a way. The history of these books goes quite a ways back. If we for a minute leave out the Harlequin part and just look at romance and erotica…

Wait What?

t’s difficult to find out your author to whom you support and love is not the person who you thought they were. Yes, it sucks! Since the beginning of time, we find out our idols, elders, and others sometimes seem impossibly perfect, as if carved from unbreakable marble they are fixed in this point of history that is marked and indelible in our minds.


Discovering Your Kink

This month’s theme was certainly a test for me. I am not exactly the most adept at erotica…or at least that is what I thought. Last year, when I got to write The Bone Jar with my fellow sister Sheal this dark lurking somewhat repressed nature perked up as it were and was ready for her debut.


Summer Heat

It’s about to get hot in here


Book to Movie

We all float down here Georgie... Everyone knows about the IT movie and that the current movie (both Chapter 1 Read more…


Short Story Time

Special FeatureShorts From The Vault: The Lies We Tell Tabitha Todd Being a deception specialist was made easier by the Read more…


Interview With a Writer

Black Cat EditingBorn in Montreal Quebec, residing in Northern Ontario, Sheal has been an accomplished traditional and indie published writer. Read more…


Chalk Junior

Special FeatureGuest Youth Short Story Brianna Berube A Saucy Tale of Intrigue and Adventure: Junior Chalk Long ago, before chalk Read more…


Publishing Contracts & Rights

Understanding the rights of authors and contract law by Larisa Hunter.


Vanity Publishers

As some of you may know I’m a bit of a writer and I want to talk about Publish America Read more…


Stardust Got in my Eyes

Sheal BerubeExecutive Co-OrdinatorHi! I'm Sheal, I'm the executive coordinator of Three Little Sisters LLC (and publishing). I am a traditionally Read more…



Sheal BerubeExecutive Co-OrdinatorHi! I'm Sheal, I'm the executive coordinator of Three Little Sisters LLC (and publishing). I am a traditionally Read more…


Why do we look to the stars?

Sheal BerubeExecutive Co-OrdinatorHi! I'm Sheal, I'm the executive coordinator of Three Little Sisters LLC (and publishing). I am a traditionally Read more…


Ursa, Bull and Belt

Sarah StricklandCreative Director for Little Bird Books, Sarah has proven herself as an exemplary editor, and writer. She has been Read more…


Constellations, Oh My!

Sheal BerubeExecutive Co-OrdinatorHi! I'm Sheal, I'm the executive coordinator of Three Little Sisters LLC (and publishing). I am a traditionally Read more…


What’s Our Signs?

Showing off our author’s birth signs in the fun take on whats your sign.

Children's horoscope icon. Zodiac for kids. Gemini sign . Vector. Astrological symbol as cartoon character.

On Being Gemini

Sheal BerubeExecutive Co-OrdinatorHi! I'm Sheal, I'm the executive coordinator of Three Little Sisters LLC (and publishing). I am a traditionally Read more…

The Place Where Stars Are Made

A cool look at where stars are made and the random obscure things that are in a town near you.


Stargazing Theme Begins

Opening up the Stargazing Theme by Larisa Hunter


My Favorite Disney Villain-Larisa

Larisa reveals her favorite Disney Villain for fairytale month.


My Favorite Villain-Sheal

Sheal revels her favorite villain for fairytale week.


My Least Favorite Disney Movie-Larisa

Larisa reveals her least favorite Disney Movie in time for Fairy Tale month!


My Least Favorite Disney Movies-Sheal

Sheal talks about her least favorite Disney Movie for fairytale week


My Favorite Disney Movie-Larisa

Larisa talks about her favorite Disney Movies.


My Favorite Disney Movie-Sheal

Sheal reveals her favorite Disney Movie for fairytale week.


My Disney Me-Larisa

Larisa shows off her Disney side for fairytale week.


My Disney Me-Sheal

What do I like about Disney? Actually, I don’t particularly care for Disney or Disney movies. I can take them or leave them to be honest. I’ve never been much into the fluffified versions of Brother’s Grimm or the perversion of peoples and their cultures by Disney.


Countdown to Disney Week Begins NOW!

It begins! Its the week of mice, mermaids, magic and more, as we celebrate the wonderful world of Disney.


The Adventures of Jeri The Fairy and Dog by Rebecca Loren Kelterborn

A fun little story by contributing author Rebecca Kelterborn.


Kingdom Hearts, A Review

Exploring Kingdom Hearts for fairytale month.


How to Make a Fairytale Flipbook

Special FeatureFairytale Flipbook Sheal Berube Do you remember sitting in class and seeing the quiet kid next to you busily Read more…


Rhoswen Cosplay

Direct Links to Rhoswen Cosplay and a GIANT thank you for her amazing interview!


An Interview with Rhoswen Cosplay-Part Three

Final Part of our interview with Rhoswen Cosplay a cosplayer and fashion designer.

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Fairy Tale Themed Merch!

Just in time for fairytale month we made some amazing swag so that you too can go and live the Read more…


An Interview with Rhoswen Cosplay-Part Two

Part Two of our interview with Rhoswen Cosplay, a cosplayer and fashion designer.


An Interview with Rhoswen Cosplay-Part One

Part One of our Three Part interview with Rhoswen Cosplay a cosplayer and fashion designer.


Sue’s Flight-Freebie Of The Month

Freebie Of The Month-Sue’s Flight, a charming little story about an elephants dream to fly.


How To: Create A Fairytale-Part Three

Now we know who our hero and villain is, and we know where they live.  Now, we have to give them something to do!  So, let’s give them a problem to solve or an obstacle to overcome. This is called conflict and it’s super important in any story.-Part Three


How To: Create A Fairytale-Part Two

In the last post, we created our two main characters: the hero and the villain.  We also decided on the moral of our fairy tale and started thinking of how we wanted our hero to learn that lesson.  Now, let’s create the world they live in!-Part Two


How To: Create a Fairy Tale-Part One

Over the next 3 posts, we’ll be creating our very own fairy tales!  We will discuss some of the main parts of creating a fairy tale, along with some helpful hints along the way to help get your creative engines going.  So, let your imaginations run wild and let’s have some fun.-Part One-


Once Upon A….

Its Fairy Tale month here at The Three Little Sisters! All month long you will find content related to fairytales Read more…


More Than My Bindings

When creating a book, the thought of it being a ‘living thing’ is something that I believe is felt by those who sincerely love books. They see books as not just a thing that provides knowledge, research, controversy, comfort, escape, stability, and more.


Our Podcast Launch with Featured Guest Kailey Bray

We have the BIGGEST news! We are launching a podcast called Nevermore, aptly named to match our love of Poe (that visitors to our website might have already noticed with our Quoth The Publisher title to our blog). The podcast’s first episode is with an amazing guest!!

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Barn Cat Swag!

We are so excited to launch The Happy Barn Cat's official kitty mascot. Grab this little darling on a shirt, Read more…


English, What is it?

Special FeatureFrom: Black Cat Editing By: Sheal Berube Olde & Middle The differences between Them: Ever wanted to write in Read more…


Wrapping Up Awareness

It certainly has been a week of learning about addiction and it's far reaching consequences. Reflecting on the stories that Read more…


Resources for Parents to discuss addiction

Talking to children about addiction is not an easy feat. We have to enable our children to see the true Read more…


Faces & Voices of Recovery

Faces & Voices of Recovery-An Overview: When we were looking for organizations that supported addiction and recovery, we found more than Read more…


Roundtable Q&A with Sheal & Larisa

Roundtable interview with Sheal & Larisa for Alcohol Awareness Month.


Every Last Drop

As I worked on the book of my mother’s poetry, pouring over a ziplock bag full of her notes, pieces of paper and more, the smell of dank and decay reminds me of what is gone.


Teespring Shop Now Open

Help us support projects like books for schools, free books to libraries, reading programs for kids and more by buying Read more…


Posters For Awareness

Special FeatureFor: Alcohol Awareness Month Free: 10 Ways Not To Drink PDF In honor of Alcohol Awarness Month, we are Read more…


Color Versus Colour

To spell like the British or to spell like the Americans? That is the question.Or is it?What's the difference between Read more…


Rebecca Loren Kelterborn

Our interview with Rebecca Loren Kelterborn who contributed The House That Booze Built


The House That Booze Built

Special FeatureFor: Alcohol Addiction Awareness Month image from Pixabay By: Rebecca Loren Kelterborn   This is the house that booze Read more…


Explaining Our Revenue Streams

Explaining the revenue streams of TLS, and showing the various methods we use to help promote your book.


From One To Three

It started out in different parts of the world. One would use the name Saga Press to self publish her own book while the other would use Alainn Epub to self publish hers. Both in other niches of the big wide world of publishing. All the while the third toiling with her own writings from the center of her community hub, in fact the very same one the first shared with the third.


5 Years Now, Here’s to Another 5

I remember the day I saw the post for a cover. Embracing Heathenry. I figured, why not help a fellow weaver of stories out. Turns out we have quite a bit in common.


A Reflection After 5 Years

If you had asked me all those years ago while writing Embracing Heathenry, cradling my newborn in one hand, and penning the book in the other with a stylus that I would have the fortune to not only meet the women who I am proud to call sisters but also bring in the authors that stand here with us, united in the mission of preserving the legacy of writing.


The Bone Jar: Killer of the Writers Block

This project seems to have taken on a life of its own. Quite literally, it is screaming to be let out into the light of day like some centuries old corpse that has been waiting for its time in the lime light.


To Art or Not to Art

The process of art (sic illustrations, drawing, digital drawing, etc) is unique to every artist. Mom, gods love her, knew when I was very little that I was extremely creative, imaginative and had a talent for drawing, a talent for art.


Bad Guy Turned Good Guy

I know, that was complicated for an explanation. I keep seeing it in my minds eye. The first page a drawing of a guy (and oh my lord my google searches must be throwing red flags, be careful how you google stuff *eye roll*) has his back to a wall in a room, a child clinging to him, on his haunches, he has been injured…shot several times.


Black Cat Editing & Design

Why did I choose the name Black Cat Editing & Design? It’s a little bit of a story. You see I have this little …(laughs little, that’s an inaccurate description) cat. She is a smoky caramel york cat. Rare breed according to research, kind of an accidental breed.

Fountain Pen Realistic


I write, I write fiction and non fiction alike. I prefer fiction of the horror variety. My very first book I both owned and read was Desperation by Stephen King. Dad was a bit of a King fan to say the least. I’m worse than him, I’m more than a King fanatic and that’s making an understatement (you should see my collection! It collapses book shelves, ask the husband).


Fictional Dialogue and Quotation Marks

What's appropriate and what's not? Well, generally, there are three ways to quote long fictional dialogue that spans numerous pages. Read more…


Exciting Acquisition Notice

We have just been informed that we have been granted permission to reprint Teutonic Magic as well as some fiction Read more…

Blog Article for Nanowrimo

One of the coolest tools out there to keep writers moving, is to be part of NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) is a non profit, dedicated to getting writers writing. I find it to be an amazing tool.


The Incredible Story of Arbux

The Story Of Arbux written by new author K.Fritz is an adventurous retelling of tales from her grandfather. Reminiscent of Read more…


Departures & Pulled Titles

The following are no longer with us. Amanda Lee Watkins-Illustrator Melisa Nelson-Illustrator Samantha Barrett-Illustrator Sophie Winter Roger Stemler Breeze Navarro Read more…


Pulled Title Effective Immediately

Due to some news that has come to light, we are pulling Fenris, The Wolf and the White Lady from Read more…


The Story of Arbux Cover Reveal

At long last, here is the cover for The Story of Arbux. This amazing book contains the fantastical and truthful Read more…


Aurore Gautheur

The Three Little Sisters Publishing is proud to introduce to you an artist named Aurore Gautheur, also known as Thorgunnr Read more…



We are excited to announce the first Sci-Fi title from The Three Little Sisters. Title: Underground: a series of science Read more…


New Project Launch: Pint-Sized Tales

We are pleased to announce this amazing new book series titled: Pint-Sized Tales from a new and upcoming children's author Nate Haseleu Read more…


Review of Pagan Child by Alan Leddon

Book Review: Pagan Child Author: Warwick Halse Hill Reviewer: Alan Leddon Publisher: Saga Press Published: June 2015 Where to get Read more…


Kveldulf Gundarsson aka S. Grundy Joins TLS

*I have to personally thank Michael Ransom Wilson who connected me to Kveldulf Gundarsson! It was amazing that he thought Read more…


ACTION Newsletter Interview with L. Hunter

You know when I started on this road to write this, I had no idea how it would be received Read more…


Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys

Writing books grants you a certain sense of purpose and sometimes privilege. The privilege of being asked to contribute to projects that; inspire, push boundaries, and sometimes in rare instances help you express something deep within yourself.


Another One of my articles in Living Traditions

Appeared in Living Traditions Volume 4 No.5 on page 21: With the Help of our Gods.


Two submissions published in Eternal Haunted Summer

Hello out there...its me your busy little writing bee reporting. I have been kind of busy writing and submitting to Read more…


Larisa Hunter on Frigga’s Shrine

A bunch of my writtings made it to the Frigga Shrine:


I wish I spoke Danish

This was mentioned on the Asa-Parent list, that I was made owner of: there is a miniseries called Yule in Read more…


Article In Living Traditions

After interviewing for Living Traditions, I was asked to write an article, and they published it, it is on page Read more…


Kind of Cheesy But I Agree

Many people ask me, why do you do what you do, and that is it, it is a calling! I feel that it is for me a passion that lights me up, that brings me peace and somehow a funny sense of belonging!


Old Blog Posts Reclaimed!! Yeah Brilliant Husband 🙂

Thank goodness I have such a skillful hubby around 😉 Anyway before lurid minds start wandering, I am posting all my Read more…


Hex Magazine Issue 8! Very Excited!!

So excited! I just checked out HEX magazines site to see if I was there yet…and here I am! I am very proud to appear in this issue, I think mine is slowing travelling towards my mail box right now, and I cannot wait to read the final version!