Warwick Halse Hill Jr.


Details: When the people living under the protection of Lord Baldfirth, and Father Oshart are threatened by a most ancient evil, it is only a forest lad called Egric who can save them.

Orphaned as a baby, and raised by his Grandparents, Egric is now considered to be the last of the great Forest people of pure blood. Tall, dark, green eyed, handsome, and at times openly believed to be the most wicked of children, Egric has talents, skills that simple priests envy, and hate for their purity. Born with raw courage, Egric, his pet wolf Beoric, and only his closest friends are those willing enough to stand with him when a Shape Shifter rises from its ancient lair to hunt, kill, and feast on human souls.

And as battle is sought, friendships strengthen, lives and the paths they follow change. Innocents are lost. And life is renewed. For even the forest people know they cannot escape their future.

Warwick Halse Hill JRN

A writer with a very varied background. Eldest son, and third child in a family  of eight children. He was born in far North Queensland, Australia, in the historical gold-mining town of  Charters Towers.

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