Immortal Chronicles: Night & Day (Book One)

Todd Evans & Sheal Mullin-Berube


Details: To stop the evil one, they must work together to find the key. Can the agents of IA and the Immortals tolerate each other long enough to do that? Find out in the first book of The Immortal Chronicles: Night and Day by Todd Evans and Sheal Mullin Berube.

Sheal Berube

Executive Co-Ordinator

Hi! I’m Sheal, I’m the executive coordinator of Three Little Sisters LLC (and publishing). I am a traditionally published and Indie published author. I’m also a college educated document technician.

Todd Evans

ToddEvans A military veteran from Corpus Christi TX, a revered drummer and beloved father and son. Co-author of Fallen, Fallen: The Seed and Immortal Chronicles.

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