Maeves Raid

Stephan Grundy

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Details: Join Stephan Grundy as he weaves this intriguing historical fiction set in the Ulster Cycle. Maeve’s Raid follows the story of Queen Maeve of Connacht as she fights to save her title as Queen. A tale of blood, the story shows how the relationships of past and present shape those around them. Can Maeve retain her Queenship, and find the strength to conquer her former husband? Stephan masterfully weaves together old Irish Celtic lore with fictional renditions of historical figures, blending the two seamlessness together. The story follows three women as they tell their side of the bloody fight to save their people and Queen. Follow the tale of intrigue, nuance and the fates that converged to shape Maeve’s and find out if these forces will change her life forever.

Stephan Grundy

From his humble beginnings, Gundarsson would make his mark on the world by writing on the most rare and obscure myths breathing new life into them, for a new generation of readers. His fictional works written under Stephan Grundy focused on mythology and history and were met with international success. Along with his fictional works, Gundarsson made a name for himself writing books on Germanic Paganism (also known as heathenry) and Germanic Culture.

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