Pagan Child

Warwick Hill Jr.

Pagan Child

Details: Pagan Child is a fiction novel set in the 14th Century. The book is the story of Christian Christiansonn, a Danish nobleman, who brings Ulf, his son, home to Denmark. Twelve year old Ulf is an heir of some import in Lithuania, a nation currently being ravaged by an order of corrupt and brutal “Christian” knights. The novel follows the flight of Christian, Ulf, and Christian’s men from Lithuania to Denmark, followed by Christian and Ulf meeting the Pope in Avignon and also traveling to the icier north. Along the way, the reader learns of the tender love Christian has for his family, friends, and servants.

Warwick Halse Hill JRN

A writer with a very varied background. Eldest son, and third child in a family  of eight children. He was born in far North Queensland, Australia, in the historical gold-mining town of  Charters Towers.

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