The Three Little Sisters Publishing

Runes & Gods 4 Kids

L.Hunter & N.L. Haseleu

Details: Runes & Gods and Giants OH MY! Take a fun poem filled trip through the Elder Futhark, the Norse Gods and Norse Creatures in this fully illustrated book. The book grows with your child, as they get further along in reading, the book expands definitions and information to give your child three books in one. This expansive book covers all the basics of mythology with incredibly detailed illustrations to help create visual cues that enhance memory. The images in the book can also be purchased as stickers in our shop.

Larisa Hunter


Larisa Hunter is the President of The Three Little Sisters LLC and author of several books. She is responsible for all the marketing materials, website design and general administration duties.

N.L. Haseleu

Nate is an author, father and member of Legacy of Tyr.

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