Dear Diary, Page Three


Dear Diary,

Hanging out with my friends today, at least its some escape right? Sometimes I wish I was brave enough to speak up. Ms. Shirley at school asked about my bruises today, I told her I fell. If I tell, they will take me away, daddy told me that. He told me they would take me but not little sis, told them he would tell them I hurt her, that it was me that was the monster. He would do it too, I know he would. There are nights, I pray, he would just pass out, but I hear his heavy shoes pounding up the staircase, I know what’s coming, I hear the door, the floorboards squeek under his weight. He comes in, all is lost, he is on my bed now, his hands over my mouth, I feel the lashes on me, he tells me how ugly I am, he tells me not to yell or it will be worse. What nightmares do I need, when this is my life….help me…someone…please.