Sandra Vargas

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Sandra Vargas is the person behind Sandygrafik, a Peruvian born graphic designer and illustrator based in Northern California.

Even though her education was in  Graphic Design, in 2009 she discovered that the digital painting could be a wonderful medium to bring to life her imaginary world filled with big eyed girls and whimsical animals. In addition to digital painting, she also makes use of the traditional illustration creating pieces that are rich in colors and textures. Her work is moved by instinct and plays with duality, recreating a world that can be dark and eerie but also whimsical and sweet.

Sandra’s work is inspired by pop culture, children story books, classic macabre literature, and her curiosity about the strange and peculiar imagery which give her creations a touch of uniqueness and singularity.

Sandra Vargas
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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