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Fairy Tale Month Special Feature

My Favorite Villain(s)


By: Larisa Hunter

This is one area that I can’t just pick one. So I tried to narrow it down across the Disneyverse to talk about the most lovable villains that I put as my top favs!

Captain Hook.

I just can’t say how much I loved him in the animated version. I am sorry, but he is insanely funny and just pathetic on so many levels. The fact that he was so afraid of the croc was just to me as a child so funny. 


Mad Madame Mim

There is something specular about Mim. She is just fabulous! I find her insanity a big part of her charm. She is evil, and she doesn’t care who knows it. She just lives it, owns it, and is bad to the bone. But is she? She kind of is more like a pesky evil, not really even ‘trying’ that hard to be bad. It’s the rare time when we see an evil witch be more like a bumbling crazy cat lady. She is just quirky and weird, and was the pin I bought when I visited Disney, because I will never forget her entrance as the Mad Madame Mim.


Scary beyond all reason is probably the best line ever in a Disney flick. Yzma’s charming and funny, while also being incredibly evil, all she wants is to not be replaced but instead winds up mostly left with an ending that befits a character who stressed what cruel irony truly means. 


Dr. Facilier.

I really think that Princess & The Frog tried the hardest to keep the culture of New Orleans authentic. I really loved this villain. He had friends on the other side, and was not afraid to bend even the laws of good and evil if it lined his own pockets. The only thing I can say that didn’t make a lot of sense, is his reason for loathing people in the film was not that clear. He didn’t really seem to have any underlying connection to anyone, and mostly seemed financially motivated. But, the hints at voodoo were too amazing not to make him a fav!

The Evil Queen.

She is evil, beyond all reason. She might be the only villain who does not have a name. I enjoyed this villain because of the lengths she went to, even sacrificing her youth to crush Snow White, and yet in the end of course, she meets a cruel end. 



My favorite one! She is the queen of mean, evil and awesome, she is truly one of the coolest characters by far. The fact that she just really liked being evil, that she had minions who worked for her, that she was unrelenting, and just focused on things, leaves her in my mind as my most favorite of all!

Larisa Hunter


Larisa Hunter is the President of The Three Little Sisters LLC and author of several books. She is responsible for all the marketing materials, website design and general administration duties.

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