Doll Face Case



  • Age range of 20s and mid 30s.
  • All Caucasian women.
  • Between 5’0″ to 5’7″.
  • Petite, athletic build.
  • All but one victim the hair is shaved off.
  • Eyes are missing from all victims.

Resources & Legal

Please note that this is a work of fiction and none of the characters depicted represent a real person or persons. Not all information is wholly accurate concerning profiling. The FBI do not and have not endorsed Three Little Sisters or The Bone Jar.


Post Mortem

According to autopsy and coroner files all victims had chloroform in their blood stream. Their hair had been shaved off and their eyes were missing. Some fingers were removed and teeth as well. The body was washed of evidence. The mouth widened and then sewn back together with surgical precision. All injuries were post mortem injuries except the mouth. One victim is believed to have been alive and all injuries were prior to death and this victim had a paralytic known as succinylcholine present in the tox screen. Some of the later victims were slashed and hacked at in what suggests a rage filled attack, these injuries were about the throat, face and chest causing exsanguination and extreme pain.

Exsanguination or strangulation was the cause of death for all victims except one where it was evident that it was cardiac and respiratory arrest brought on by urshoil poisoning, meaning cause of death was toxicodendron radicans by way oral consumption in highly toxic amounts. There is no evidence of sexual assault with any of the victims, there is evidence of what seems to be consenting sexual contact with one victim.

Body Locations

All of the bodies were brought to a secondary dump location. The primary crime scene is yet to be located. Dump sites are located in high traffic areas where the body will be discovered quickly with the maximum shock factor for public display. All victims were dumped naked, mutilated and in plain view of civilians. Parks seem to be a preference for the killer.


The killer has a preferences for women between the ages of early 20s and mid 30s. Hair and eye color are unknown, except for one victim, as the killer shaves his victims heads and may be taking the eyes for a trophy or keepsake. He is an ambush killer and uses chloroform as a quick sedative. He will ambush his victim then remove them to a secondary crime scene while dumping his victim’s body at a tertiary body dump site.

This makes the killer an ambush abductor, preferring to take them from behind rather than straight on. This could stem from his possible childhood trauma and some fear based behaviors. A loner type, not very charismatic or confident with the victim until he removes them to his preferred, secluded environment. While this may suggest a disorganized killer the attention to detail in the mutilations, especially the facial-oral mutilations and the body displaying as well as the propensity to clean the body in disinfectant suggests an organized killer who can be pushed to disorganized behavior. Much like Jack the Ripper might have been, the killer seems to be mission driven to “cleanse” his environment of some perceived contamination.

The killer has anatomical and medical knowledge, likely in his mid to late 30s. Taller than his victims. Knows his environment well and is people aware. He may have several “hunting grounds” that he hand picks and stalks his victims in. The medical knowledge suggests he either has educational background in medicine, veterinarian or may work in meat processing. He lives in the area and his secondary crime scene is likely very rural but close enough to get to easily. He is a narcissist, wants his work acknowledged by displaying it openly in public domains and may inject himself into the investigation and try to get closer to investigating agents and police personnel.

ADDENDUM: It seems that the killer has picked up an accomplice now. The slashing and hacking injuries to some of the victims are likely due to the second killer. The injuries present as if the second killer is smaller and weaker than the primary killer. It may be that the secondary killer has a one sided folie a deux relationship with the more assertive and dominant primary killer. The secondary killer seems to be less experienced, lacks the anatomical and surgical knowledge of the primary and seems to be influenced by the primary.

Although there is no evidence of sexual assault, the primary killer has a typology of power-reassurance and the secondary killer seems to shift between anger-retaliatory and anger-excitement.