Hellscape (1)Civilization’s twilight approaches, with none aware of the impending peril. What if the savior of the human species was not Jewish, Christian or Muslim? What if he was not even a good man? Spanning decades, the tale of the life of Julian Andreas Würger carries him from child to man to monster to king, the subject of a bitter prophecy which he knows he cannot hope to evade. In him are commingled both hope and horror, truth and terror, and all that he touches is forever changed. Violence brings forth violence; how then can peace prevail, in this, the End of Days? St. John of Patmos wrote of a cycle’s ending. Hellscape: the Fifth Horseman speaks of the final portent, of that which even St. John could not bear to write. For all that lives must one day die, and the hubris of mankind must be razed to its foundations for order to rise anew from chaos and fire.

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5 Stars: “Hellscape: the Fifth Horseman has to be one of the best books I’ve read in a very, very long time. From page one, it grasped my attention and would not let go; I spent a week in bed, doing nothing but nursing my newborn, enthralled by every single word from the first page to the last. I have recommended it to at least three or four other people, and they seem to enjoy it thus far as well. The author’s writing style is reminiscent, in my mind, of R. A. Salvatore, Raymond Feist, or George R. R. Martin. Each scene is well flushed out, and although the book seems to end openly, indicating the furthering of a series, not a single piece of the story thus far leaves the reader with that feeling of being pissed off because there are more questions than answers. Now, the volume may seem exceedingly long, but if you are one that enjoys lengthier authors such as Martin, King, or Tolkein, but with a post-apocalyptic horror pull (think Red Dawn meets The Walking Dead meets Stephen King on a nice day meets everyone’s worst nightmares about Trump), then this book is definitely the book for you. Heck, who am I kidding? Even if you hate all of that stuff, pick it up anyway. It’s worth the gamble, and we all know you’ve gambled more for less guarantee.”-Avid Reader, Amazon

5 stars “This book is not for the faint hearted. That said, Buy this book. Get it in eformat, because honestly, printed, it would be a monster. It’s JUST long enough, even thought it’s long, the time flies, because the book grabs you, from sentence one, and doesn’t let go until the end. Be ready for sleepless nights. One more page, I said, One more page, I can’t help it that that was 4 hours ago. Honestly, the last book to grab me like this was Swan Song. by Robert McCammon. I still have it, and I got it in 1987. You’ll still have this book 3 years from now, and it will move you as much then, as this book has affected me NOW.”-Urielskiss, Amazon Review

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