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Born in Montreal Quebec, residing in Northern Ontario, Sheal has been an accomplished traditional and indie published writer. She is a document technician by trade and an editor and graphics designer. She went to college in Quebec to the polytechnique John Abbott College in Montreal. Her skill set lies in book covers, layout and design of interior books, editing and document design and implementation. She is the owner of Black Cat Editing.

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Question One:

What drew you to the publishing world? When did you start writing?

Like anyone else, getting my written work out there is what drew me most to the publishing world. Having someone enjoy my work and even my work changing something monumental for someone, letting them know that they aren’t alone is my ultimate goal, it’s what I came here to do and if I can do it for at least one person – then I have done what I came to do.

I started writing in high school, actually, I accidentally discovered that I was quite good at writing. I had an English teacher that was both enthralled and encouraging of my work. If not for his early praises and encouragement I would never have continued to write.

Question Two:

What influences your writing style?

Anyone who knows me knows the first name out of my mouth for this question is Stephan King. The horror aficionado himself, the describer of all things described. My other influences, however, may or may not surprise you such as Anne Rice, Nora Roberts and Nancy A. Collins.

Question Three:

You have multiple writing styles, which is your favorite and do they ever cross the boundaries and blend together?

My multitude of writing styles varies between Sci-Fi, historical, fan fic, horror and crime as well as the oh so racy erotica. Do they cross each other in the same stories I write, absolutely do at times. Who doesn’t want to toss a little Sci-Fi – erotica – horror between the pages once in awhile? If it furthers the plot and adds to the story line, it’s fair game on genre mixing if you as me.

Question Four:

Do you get writers block? How do you break free from it?

GAH! The dreaded writer’s block question! Yes, I’ve had writer’s block, it’s dreadful and horrible and all things not nice. I think every writer goes through a bout or two of writer’s block. Breaking that cycle really comes down to getting back up when you fall on your writer’s block sword. It depends on the person how to break that cycle too. Most will tell you write (even King says write, even if what you write is crap – just write it.) King makes another point I’ll agree with whole heartedly, a writer who can’t be bothered to make time to be a reader looses touch with writing. Read, write and keep doing it no matter what “it” is.

Question Five:

Any advice for aspiring writers?

Write (sic and read) as much as you can. No matter what anyone else tells you, write. Sometimes we write for various reasons, sometimes for others, sometimes for a market niche but most of all we should be writing for ourselves. Be damned to the rest, just keep writing.

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