Karoline Fritz


Originally from Idaho Springs, Colorado, Karoline grew up in a valley full of Victorian mining history and keen environmental awareness. Never the star student in school, Karoline loved the drama department and creative writing classes.  Foreign language studies came next, and she became enchanted with German, French, and her father’s first language: Norwegian. Karoline quickly started to get acquainted with whatever additional languages she could. Highschool provided solid introductions to the basics of Japanese, Latin, American Sign Language, and a handful of others. Foreign language studies opened new doors of imagination and creative writing. Eventually Karoline began to take her whimsical mind more seriously. In college it became clear that her strengths would never be in math or science, but in foreign languages and story-making. By that point, fascination with mythology and the world’s religions was at a crescendo. Karoline graduated college with a minor in Eastern Religions and a Double Major in German and French. My husband and I are eager travelers now, and he’s my guiding star who supports my whimsy-filled brain as well the stories that spill forth from it.

Works By Karoline Fritz