The story of Morufell follows the adventures of Dagny and Torbin as the travel among the gods and creatures of old. The story takes us on a magical journey through the ancient landscape of a world in which our very self is tested. Join the story, live the adventure, and become who you were born to be, in this amazing novel from Little Bird Books.

Morufell takes us through a variety of worlds as it relays the story told by a mysterious narrator. It winds its way through lands filled with giants, dwarves, trolls, the undead, dead, witches, gods, ghosts, mermaids, mysterious ocean creatures, elves and more. The book itself is alive with character and personality.

Morufell takes your mind to a different place, where the possibilities are endless. As readers are plunged into this almost realistic living world, they become part of the story. The characters push the norms and boundaries of standard novels and break many of the typical rules found in writing.

As readers progress through the novel, the story leads us to understand some great and noble truths that we face in real life. Young readers can use this to launch open discussions with parents, and engage families in opportunities to grow and learn together.


qualities: spunky, loyal, adventurous
favorite things: chocolate, fishing, hiking
dislikes: Toad, oatmeal, raisins
Dagny Hagan
qualities: loyal, curious, centered
favorite things: sugar cookies, the environment, video games
dislikes: seafood, stinky feet, pink
Torbin Ashcroft
Qualities: odd, weird, curious, emotional
Likes: cookies, hot coco, relaxing and annoying Dagnot
Dislikes: cleaning, soap, florals, being bossed around.