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Name That Doe (Doll?)


Let's Play a Game Shall We

So, you all know about Troy and Ivy from last October, but; have you met Agent Desbrates yet? What about Agent Bast or Ari the coroner? If you are curious about Leo Desbrates and what he thinks of our serial killers Troy and Ivy we have a treat for you. This October you will get a sneak peak into the FBI file cases of Desbrates and Bast. Coroner reports from Ari are in those files, profiling from Desbrates, supervisor notes from Bast…so much to look at coming soon right here on the blog.

For our patrons on Patreon, a deeper inside look. Crime scene photos, love letters from Ivy and Troy, personal notes from Leo (Agent Desbrates). One extra special treat for patrons, you get to name one of Troy’s victims. There are 10 slots available. with that you get your name and the name of “Doe” in a thank you page memorialized forever when the book gets published. Wondering how do you become a patron on our Patreon page?

Go here: Then sign up to be a patron for as little as 2$/month.

Sheal Berube

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Hi! I’m Sheal, I’m the executive coordinator of Three Little Sisters LLC (and publishing). I am a traditionally published and Indie published author. I’m also a college educated document technician.

What do I do at Three Little Sisters? I curate, I liaison, I edit, I layout and I art around. I am a Jane of all trades and run a tight office ship to keep everything running smoothly between our staff and authors.

I am also the owner and operator of the document tech business Black Cat Editing & Design. If you have a question about our publishing house and LLC, I’m the girl you want to see!