We are a full service publisher. If you sign a contract with us, the services on this page are provided without charge to you. We pay for services from our own royalties that are taken from sales of books, just like any other publisher. In order to supplement some of our programs like our lending library and free books for all, we do offer al la carte services for people that might just need a single service. We understand that sometimes authors just need a single service and not need a full publishing house behind them, and so we want you to know, we hear you, and provide these services to anyone who requests them, no contract required.


Editing, Design, Documents Oh My!

Black Cat Editing & Design is partnered with The Three Little Sisters LLC to provide outside services to those who might need just a wee bit of editing, a single cover, a little formatting, or any single service related to the creation/curation of documents. This is for non-manuscript services only.

Win My Rights BACK!

Are you trying to win your book rights back? For unsigned authors, we have a small donation that is requested for all non-contract authors. The fee supports some of our programs. The fee for retrieving North American rights back is $150.00, for International $200.00. This is a one time fee, that must be paid in advance.