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I’ve loved writing since I was thirteen years old. I followed my passion with fan-fiction first, then short stories before actively working toward a career in it around 22. I don’t have a particularly favorite genre to write in, often I just follow whatever catches my fancy at the time.

Rori is another find from Nanowrimo. Her novel The Underground is her first dive into sci-fi and her first published work. The novel is a quirky adventure mixing pagan gods and modern science fiction themes perfectly! The novel is intriguing, taking the reader on a wonderland-esq trip through a world in which we find ourselves questioning our reality, our humanity and our sense of connections. Explore her breakout novel today, available in our shop

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President of TLS, writer, mother, and wife. I love all things art all my life. When I am not busy writing or publishing, I really enjoy baking and cooking. My hobbies include gaming, crafting, and painting.

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