Spotlight: Stephanie Smith


After attending the Haystack Writing Workshop with Ursula K. Le Guin, and Vonda N. McIntyre, Stephanie A.Smith took a Ph.D. in American Literature and Culture from UC Berkeley; current projects include a critical examination of literary “success” in America, and a sequence of novels, including STILL ICE (which won a UF Rothman Summer Grant, the first chapter of which was published online at EMBARK: A LITERARY JOURNAL FOR NOVELISTS), and ASTEROIDEA (NY: Adelaide Books, 2020)] A seasoned writer and researcher, Ms. Smith join TLS with her novel Content Burns a historical based fictional novel bridging actual history and personal narratives into an account of CONTENT BURNS. The novel, concerns two women, in the same family separated by three centuries, who also bear the same Puritan name, Content Burns. Both are survivors. The first Content, also called Asawanuw, is a Pequot convert to Christianity who survives the Pequot Massacre of 1637 at Mystic, in Connecticut; the second Content, who calls herself Cabbi because her full name is Content Abigail Burns, survives 9/11. The story is told on parallel time-tracks, to underscore how time may pass, but human suffering, resilience, and survival remain a constant.

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Larisa Hunter

Larisa Hunter

President of TLS, writer, mother, and wife. I love all things art all my life. When I am not busy writing or publishing, I really enjoy baking and cooking. My hobbies include gaming, crafting, and painting.