Spotlight: Karoline Fritz

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Featured Book

The Victorian

“This book is an engaging adventure for readers who love to mingle history and science fiction. The author clearly retains a passion for her roots and home town, and she is willing to share.”-Amazon Review of The Victorian

Sarah Heartsong is an eclectic, Nature-Centered “Professional High Priestess” who completely makes her living now as a priestess. She is a Healer and Spiritual Advisor/Life Coach and has used multiple modalities to help people to live their lives sacredly for almost 25 years.

Rev. Sarah Heartsong was refered to us by a friend of the company, and we are glad to have her on board. Her work in spiritual healing: and her commitment to her craft, brings to the table a solid foundation of grounded spirituality. Her work has been well documented: She is a drum maker, crafter: which she does with nature in mind. Her book The Wheel of The Year will guide children through the calendar of the pagan tradition, educating them for each holiday, providing crafting resources for parents and more.

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