The Three Little Sisters accepts any manuscript from any author regardless of genre. We accept work from authors with or without an agent as long as the manuscript submitted is not under contract with any other publishing house. If an author has an existing contract, but is seeking to terminate that contract in order to publish with us, we provide assistance to terminate any existing contract that you might have signed. We provide this service at a one time fee that is returned upon successful termination of your existing contract. Once terminated and cleared, we are happy to consider you for publication. We advise that all authors read contracts carefully before signing to know what they are committed to. 

All submissions must be:

  • Longer than 21 pages in length
  • Not under contract with another publisher [IF you require our help to get you free of a predatory publisher, we can do that]
  • Not published online or published in any method that would preclude us taking on publishing it
  • All submissions are reviewed within 3 business days.