Old Blog Posts Reclaimed!! Yeah Brilliant Husband :)

Old blog posts recovered. These are from our original site and personal site of Larisa Hunter. Some of the views expressed within are religious in nature.

Hex Magazine Issue 8! Very Excited!!

So excited! I just checked out HEX magazines site to see if I was there yet…and here I am! I am very proud to appear in this issue, I think mine is slowing travelling towards my mail box right now, and I cannot wait to read the final version!

Black Cat Editing & Design

Why did I choose the name Black Cat Editing & Design? It’s a little bit of a story. You see I have this little …(laughs little, that’s an inaccurate description) cat. She is a smoky caramel york cat. Rare breed according to research, kind of an accidental breed.

Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys

Writing books grants you a certain sense of purpose and sometimes privilege. The privilege of being asked to contribute to projects that; inspire, push boundaries, and sometimes in rare instances help you express something deep within yourself.

Another One of my articles in Living Traditions

Living Traditions article by Larisa Hunter.

Two submissions published in Eternal Haunted Summer

Eternal Haunted Summer appearances.

Larisa Hunter on Frigga’s Shrine

Poems on Friggas Shrine.

I wish I spoke Danish

Mini-series for heathen kids.

Article In Living Traditions

Living Traditions article.

Kind of Cheesy But I Agree

Many people ask me, why do you do what you do, and that is it, it is a calling! I feel that it is for me a passion that lights me up, that brings me peace and somehow a funny sense of belonging!