Story Time: Silent Invasion Chapter Three

Story Time Chapter 3: Present Situations The gritty sound of claws against the rock face made her grimace as she clung to the Ravanian under her. There they were in the cave, hidden from the enemy the Ravanians called the Gatherers. They were a crude species with cruelty and taste for blood and destruction. Chaos […]


Controversial Writing

The Uproar Over American Dirt You’ve probably heard about the uproar over the author Janine Cummins. The one that identifies as Latina but white as well. She wrote the new book called American Dirt. The one that Oprah and her book club are going gaga over right now. Oprah even taking to Twitterverse and praising […]


Story Time: Silent Invasion, Chapter Seven

Story Time Chapter 7 : Breaking a Sweat Mr. Grey whimpered as Layla shifted uncomfortably. She had spent most of the night beside Chokan worrying as he moaned and writhed from the fevered dreams all night. Now she wrung her hands nervously as he shifted to his side and opened his eyes slowly. He winced […]


Story Time: Silent Invasion, Chapter Six

  Story Time   Might I make my own Deadpool style 4th wall break here and say: This, other than the prologue, is one of my favorite chapters. The visuals, not to toot my own horn are awesome in this one and it worked out so beautifully! Also HUGE head nod to Stephen King’s DreamCatcher […]


Story Time: Silent Invasion, Chapter Five

Story Time Chapter 5: Fevered Dreams As they slept with full bellies it was running its gauntlet within his body, everything it touched whithered and shrunk away from it. The seeds of infection dancing through his blood and body gaining steam and savage strength. His eyes fluttered and he whispered incoherently in his sleep. Layla […]


Story Time: Silent Invasion, Chapter Four

Story Time Chapter 4 – The Hunt He laid in waiting as his eyes tracked the deer back and forth in the darkening clearing. His pupils constricting and dilating with every movement the animal made. Frozen of any movement of his own high in the tree above the animal, the only sounds in his ears […]


Silent Invasion

Let’s Talk Alien Invasion Story. Silent Invasion was a serial novel I started years ago. What inspired me was a local book from my area. One that involved our little town of Elliot Lake, Ontario. A man named Brian Horeck wrote Frozen Beneath and Minnow Trap along with Minnow Trap 2. All situated in our […]


Storytime: Another Installment of Silent Invasion

Story Time Chapter 2: Car Troubles Layla’s eyes fluttered open as she sat up on the couch, she couldn’t remember falling asleep at all after the incident with Chokan and Janka. She muttered softly to herself while swinging her legs over the side of the couch to stand when her eyes fell on the man […]


Enter the Steampunk

  All Things Steampunk? Steampunk. Steampunk is a lot of things. A genre of books and movies to a lifestyle even. You see it in Anime, Comic Cons, and more. Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit subs, forums…you will run into a plethora of styles of steampunk as well. You’ve got your western steampunk, your Victorian style, your […]


Silent Invasion : Monsterous Beginnings

Silent Invasion: Chapter 1: Monstrous Beginnings

Layla stepped out onto her front porch listening to the birds chirping in the woods next to her Elliot Lake home. She had just moved here from the city to escape the rat race and the daily grind of city life. Elliot Lake was a beautiful little town surrounded by woodlands and lakes of varying sizes. The town was small with mostly retired people and a good number of younger families.