My Favorite Disney Villain-Larisa

Larisa reveals her favorite Disney Villain for fairytale month.

My Favorite Villain-Sheal

Sheal revels her favorite villain for fairytale week.

My Least Favorite Disney Movie-Larisa

Larisa reveals her least favorite Disney Movie in time for Fairy Tale month!

My Least Favorite Disney Movies-Sheal

Sheal talks about her least favorite Disney Movie for fairytale week

My Favorite Disney Movie-Larisa

Larisa talks about her favorite Disney Movies.

My Favorite Disney Movie-Sheal

Sheal reveals her favorite Disney Movie for fairytale week.

My Disney Me-Larisa

Larisa shows off her Disney side for fairytale week.

My Disney Me-Sheal

What do I like about Disney? Actually, I don’t particularly care for Disney or Disney movies. I can take them or leave them to be honest. I’ve never been much into the fluffified versions of Brother’s Grimm or the perversion of peoples and their cultures by Disney.

Countdown to Disney Week Begins NOW!

It begins! Its the week of mice, mermaids, magic and more, as we celebrate the wonderful world of Disney.

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