I write, I write fiction and non fiction alike. I prefer fiction of the horror variety. My very first book I both owned and read was Desperation by Stephen King. Dad was a bit of a King fan to say the least. I’m worse than him, I’m more than a King fanatic and that’s making an understatement (you should see my collection! It collapses book shelves, ask the husband).

Fictional Dialogue and Quotation Marks

What's appropriate and what's not? Well, generally, there are three ways to quote long fictional dialogue that spans numerous pages. The first way is to use open and closed quotations on each paragraph with no indentation. For example: "This is why we may use open and closed quotations for each paragraph" "A second paragraph will Read more…

Review of Pagan Child by Alan Leddon

Book Review: Pagan Child Author: Warwick Halse Hill Reviewer: Alan Leddon Publisher: Saga Press Published: June 2015 Where to get it: Pagan Child is the compelling tale of how Christian Christiansonn, a Danish nobleman, brings Ulf home to Denmark. Twelve year old Ulf is an heir of some import in Lithuania, a nation currently Read more…