Vanity Publishers

As some of you may know I’m a bit of a writer and I want to talk about Publish America (aka PA) or America Star Books (ASB). I was part of a writing forum called AW (Absolute Writer - still am) and the consensus there, despite PA’s claims at the time, is that PA is Read more…

Departures & Pulled Titles

The following are no longer with us. Samantha Barrett-Illustrator Sophie Winter Roger Stemler Breeze Navarro Taryn Allen Melisa Neilson The Following Titles are Pulled: The Childrens Havamal RavensFeathers Norse Gods Coloring Book Fenris, The Wolf and the White Lady Skaldic Tales, Skaldic Poems V1-2

Pulled Title Effective Immediately

Due to some news that has come to light, we are pulling Fenris, The Wolf and the White Lady from our publishing house. Anyone seeking information on why this title was pulled may request the reasons via a freedom of information request, sent by subpoena via registered mail to an address provided upon emailing sagapress@ Read more…

The Story of Arbux Cover Reveal

At long last, here is the cover for The Story of Arbux. This amazing book contains the fantastical and truthful account of a grandfather who's story is beautifully preserved within its pages. Take a peek at the full details of this amazing book. VIEW BOOK

Aurore Gautheur

The Three Little Sisters Publishing is proud to introduce to you an artist named Aurore Gautheur, also known as Thorgunnr on Youtube.  We are asking our readers to donate to her on our page. These donations will assist her in pursuing her musical career and also producing albums for the public. Her Bio: She was Read more…