Storytime: Another Installment of Silent Invasion

Story Time Chapter 2: Car Troubles Layla’s eyes fluttered open as she sat up on the couch, she couldn’t remember falling asleep at all after the incident with Chokan and Janka. She muttered softly to herself while swinging her legs over the side of the couch to stand when her eyes fell on the man […]

Story Time: Silent Invasion, Chapter Seven

Story Time Chapter 7 : Breaking a Sweat Mr. Grey whimpered as Layla shifted uncomfortably. She had spent most of the night beside Chokan worrying as he moaned and writhed from the fevered dreams all night. Now she wrung her hands nervously as he shifted to his side and opened his eyes slowly. He winced […]

Ebooks and the Big Five

Resources Big Five Changes Business Model Libraries Must Draw the Line Questioning Tor’s Ebook Embargo Future of Ebook Pricing Publishers Sabotaging the Libraries? Libraries Pushing Back Hachette Book Group replaced its perpetual licensing model for libraries with a two-year ebook and digital audiobook lending model. Simon & Schuster eliminated perpetual licensing on digital audiobooks and […]

What it Means to Be a Woman…

The publishing industry is still dominated, at top management, by middle-aged white men while it is predominantly run by a woman on the “battlefield” so to speak. As a woman, unfortunately, this domination poses some unique pros and cons. For example, the executive board level is dominated by men while the “grunt workers” are dominated […]

Story Time: Silent Invasion Chapter Three

Story Time Chapter 3: Present Situations The gritty sound of claws against the rock face made her grimace as she clung to the Ravanian under her. There they were in the cave, hidden from the enemy the Ravanians called the Gatherers. They were a crude species with cruelty and taste for blood and destruction. Chaos […]

New Year, New Prompt

Writing in Different Points of View POV or point of view is a big working tool in a writer’s toolbox. Everything we can covey can be from the first person, second person, and third-person points of view. When we switch from the main character of a story (first person) to a contributing character of a […]

Doing the Nano Dance

“Winning Nanowrimo” It’s been a while since I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo. In fact, the last time I tried I only ever made it to just above the 11K mark with the same manuscript I just finished using NaNoWriMo to do so with. What is it like to win, satisfying? You get a virtual certificate and […]

Story Time: Silent Invasion, Chapter Six

  Story Time   Might I make my own Deadpool style 4th wall break here and say: This, other than the prologue, is one of my favorite chapters. The visuals, not to toot my own horn are awesome in this one and it worked out so beautifully! Also HUGE head nod to Stephen King’s DreamCatcher […]

Story Time: Silent Invasion, Chapter Five

Story Time Chapter 5: Fevered Dreams As they slept with full bellies it was running its gauntlet within his body, everything it touched whithered and shrunk away from it. The seeds of infection dancing through his blood and body gaining steam and savage strength. His eyes fluttered and he whispered incoherently in his sleep. Layla […]