Basic Instinct: The Mother of all Bunny Boilers

Summer Edition03 The Bunny Boiler Our topic for February is about Femme Fatale - the all encompassing bunny boiler woman who will stop at nothing for vengeance bringing the saying "hell hath no fury

Jack the Ripper: A Forensic Look

Forensic Sciences 101: Jack the Ripper The Victimology & The Profile Welcome to Forensic Sciences 101. Today class, instead of build a bear, let's play some build a killer. Start with the weapon of choice...

Doll Face Case

Victimology Age range of 20s and mid 30s. All Caucasian women. Between 5'0" to 5'7". Petite, athletic build. All but one victim the hair is shaved off. Eyes are missing from all victims. Resources &