Black Cat Editing & Design

Why did I choose the name Black Cat Editing & Design? It’s a little bit of a story. You see I have this little …(laughs little, that’s an inaccurate description) cat. She is a smoky caramel york cat. Rare breed according to research, kind of an accidental breed.

ACTION Newsletter Interview with L. Hunter

You know when I started on this road to write this, I had no idea how it would be received out there! I just received the first written review about the book and it was very positive! I would say that it is very surreal for me to see my name and book out there Read more…

Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys

Writing books grants you a certain sense of purpose and sometimes privilege. The privilege of being asked to contribute to projects that; inspire, push boundaries, and sometimes in rare instances help you express something deep within yourself.

Another One of my articles in Living Traditions

Appeared in Living Traditions Volume 4 No.5 on page 21: With the Help of our Gods.

Two submissions published in Eternal Haunted Summer

Hello out there...its me your busy little writing bee reporting. I have been kind of busy writing and submitting to a bunch of places. Here are two appearance in Eternal Haunted Summer's Autumn Equinox 2012 Issue :) Thanks to EHS for publishing these!!   How the Sun and the Moon Came to Be: A Creation Story for Heathen Children My Read more…

Larisa Hunter on Frigga’s Shrine

A bunch of my writtings made it to the Frigga Shrine:

I wish I spoke Danish

This was mentioned on the Asa-Parent list, that I was made owner of: there is a miniseries called Yule in Valhalla. The premise is so hillarious, these two kids unwittingly find a passage to Asgard and unchain Loki which will bring about Ragnarok, and they have until Yule to stop him!

Article In Living Traditions

After interviewing for Living Traditions, I was asked to write an article, and they published it, it is on page 22 for anyone that wants to read it. I love this magazine and the fact that I have now appeared twice in there, is very kind of them, it is a free magazine available for Read more…

Kind of Cheesy But I Agree

Many people ask me, why do you do what you do, and that is it, it is a calling! I feel that it is for me a passion that lights me up, that brings me peace and somehow a funny sense of belonging!

Old Blog Posts Reclaimed!! Yeah Brilliant Husband :)

Thank goodness I have such a skillful hubby around 😉 Anyway before lurid minds start wandering, I am posting all my old blog posts here that appeared in my original blog around 2008. I hope you enjoy them because they bring back some strong memories for me, and if I look at them in comparision with Read more…