On Writing Erotica : Part Three

So you have the rule, you have the words, let’s talk biological psychology for both men and women. It’s different for men and women but it does have cross over for both genders. There is a general psychological “normal” associated with both male and female readers. Then you have the general psychology of transgender, gay, lesbian but let’s start with your generic male and female because that’s the biggest niche of the market for erotica writing (it shouldn’t be but it is, although gay and lesbian erotica is on the rise, so is trans erotica and about damn time it is).

On Writing Erotica : Part Two

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On Writing Erotica : Part One

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The Curtains Moved….

Ah, the Harlequin romance. I have serious memories of these dime store bins at every grocery store with of course the huge broody man with the open shirt on the cover. I recall that these were always viewed as somewhat ‘staged porn’ in a way. The history of these books goes quite a ways back. If we for a minute leave out the Harlequin part and just look at romance and erotica…

Discovering Your Kink

This month’s theme was certainly a test for me. I am not exactly the most adept at erotica…or at least that is what I thought. Last year, when I got to write The Bone Jar with my fellow sister Sheal this dark lurking somewhat repressed┬ánature perked up as it were and was ready for her debut.

Summer Heat

It’s about to get hot in here