The Teutonic Way Series Individual Versions


By popular demand, we are offering all three of The Teutonic Way series in individual versions for people who might just want to get a particular part of the series! Each book has been reformated with new charts, images, and more! As a bonus, if you bought the Epic Edition which contains all three books in one, and noticed the Extra’s included, we have now made a Companion book for you to download.

The Companion is in ebook only and will be available from our main shop and Apple Books. The Companion will have some very cool extras including a full pattern for a t-tunic as well as all the references listed in all the versions of The Teutonic Way so that even owners of one edition can get the resources contained in all three!

Each individual edition will be released in 2020, and will be available in print and ebook on Amazon, Apple Books and via our Shop! Pre-Orders will open up about ONE MONTH prior to publishing.

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