Troy Has Something to Say


I am told you are all following along with me. That you are enjoying my work, my collection of dolls if it were. Sandy Sandra is currently being displayed in all her glory in the middle of a beautiful field full of golden rays of sunshine and shocked onlookers. I’m watching the crime scene workers and Agents running around like oblivious worker ants, how unobservant they are aren’t they. What a disappointment. I was hoping this Agent Desbrates was a little smarter than this. The last time I left him a doe … or is it doll, I can’t remember when they were doll or doe … he figured out the piece of letter pretty quickly, made me smile. Something about him that peeks my interest. He seems… different somehow.

Looks like one of the sniffer dogs is coming my way and that’s my cue to exit stage left post haste. Until next time my sweet audience. See you all soon.