Unlocking Patreon Contents

Patreon is a trusted third party that collects money for unlocking content that is exclusive to a specific group. The reason we are using patreon is that we have a desire to give books to the world. Patreon donations will help us fund programs like providing books to low income schools, libraries and more. For less than a price of a coffee, we will unlock content all year long. Patreon members will get a lot of goodies like early access to special editions, poster prints, help in character development and a ton of other benefits.

We have opened a few different levels of membership to help cover a wide selection to choose from. We rely on support to continue a mission of literacy for everyone and to help us continue to provide books that matter. To sign up as a Patreon, just click the button below and you will be taken to the Patreon page to complete your enrollment, once we have you in the system, we will give you the keys to get your exclusive access. Use your key to open any of the locked posts and learn what membership grants you access to!

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