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Sarah Heartsong is an eclectic, Nature-Centered “Professional High Priestess” who completely makes her living now as a priestess. She is a Healer and Spiritual Advisor/Life Coach and has used multiple modalities to help people to live their lives sacredly for almost 25 years.

Sarah came to us via a referal. She brings with us a dedication to spiritual arts and healing. She is a drum maker: and healer.

Her book The Wheel Of The Year, teaches young children all about the pagan holidays with fun, light hearted illustrations, crafts for parents and fun little activities for littles. We look forward to working with Sarah and excited to release her book within the next year.

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President of TLS, writer, mother, and wife. I love all things art all my life. When I am not busy writing or publishing, I really enjoy baking and cooking. My hobbies include gaming, crafting, and painting.

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